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Media Partners

Media Partners

Corporate Learning Network

Website: http://www.corporatelearningnetwork.com

Corporate Learning Network is a subsidiary of IQPC––one of the world's largest conference organizations. By virtue of this close connection––this day-in, day-out working contact with conference organizers, research analysts, and portal editors––CLN is an amazingly well-informed online publication.

We amass content yearly from our portfolio nearly 2,500 yearly conferences and trade shows. Many of these programs feature a virtual “who's who” of leading academics and practitioners in their respective fields.

Our objective is to offer up structured content that enables training professionals to think through what needs to be done and how to do it.

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Higher Ed IQ

Website: http://higherediq.wordpress.com/

Higher Ed IQ is an information and content sharing platform, exploring all issues facing the higher education sector in Australia.

Acting as the umbrella for a portfolio of higher education events across the country, we aim to inform, inspire and drive innovation within the industry.