Developing Fit for Purpose Qualifications through Work Integrated Learning, Skills-Based Assessment, and Micro-Credentials

Employers are demanding more relevantly skilled and workready graduates, while also undercutting universities and offering their owncredentials. As a result, curriculum, assessment and credentials are being redesigned to embed employ-ability skills, and initiatives like work integrated learning, into a degree.

Innovation in Assessment & Credentials will be a part of the inaugural Learning Innovation Week, which includes key education events -  Campus Development and Blended Learning, three of our most topical summits will be expanded and interlinked, with joint plenary keynotes before splitting into streams, aimed at driving the future focus and strategy of the Australian tertiary sector.

With this in mind, the Innovation in Assessment and Credentials Summit will delve into and help solve three key challenges:

Look Beyond Traditional Boundaries

How do you redesign curriculum and assessment to embed employability skills and produce work ready graduates?

Upskill Your Frontline into Leadership Positions

How do you select the right method of assessment to align with your desired outcomes?

Towards Outcome Centric Measurement

How do you enable students to build bespokedegrees to become more work ready?

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